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Yep, that is me.

The one with her mouth wide open, eyes crinkled shut and laughing like crazy.   

And I fully embrace all that she is.  Crinkly eye lines and open-mouthed smile and a husband who shakes his head at the photographer that can never seem to get it together to have her picture taken.  Ironic, I know.   

Because this is how I live -  out loud and unabashedly.   And I always seem to be talking just a bit too much.  And a bit too loudly.  And I laugh so often that the lines around my eyes never fade.  And that mouth, it somehow never seems to be closed in any picture I have ever seen of myself.  But I find that it's OK, because those pictures, all of them, represent the real me.

And I would love to point one of my ever-present cameras at you and capture the true you.

Because what is better than being able to look back on a moment, frozen forever in time, and be able to re-live it all over again?

You can contact me by email at vanmaanenphotography@gmail.com.

Currently serving Broward County, Florida

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